Dear Members and Community.
To say we love providing a caring and healthy environment for you, your family, our employees and their families, as well as our non-members that use our services is an understatement. For many of you the gym is about mental health as much as physical health.
Following the announcement just now from Scott Morrison, we have to close our doors in these challenging times from midday Monday 23rd.

This is something we have been expecting and as such have been planning for this for a number of weeks. We are confident in our processes, and we WILL reopen once this health emergency dissipates, you can be sure of that!

We have never met a more generous membership base and are honoured to be of service to you all, and will continue to service you online until our doors reopen.

In conjunction with our billing provider Debit Success we can advise that ALL memberships for gym facility use will be suspended/frozen until further notice without fee.

Contact avenues will be posted up shortly to enable you to get your questions answered.

We will be very active online, there will be humour, there will be workouts, there will be motivation, there will be chat groups, we are a community, we are all in this together.
We ask you to be kind to our staff during this difficult time. We are not a big corporate, we are all FAMILY OWNED BUSINESSES run by a group of local dedicated people just like you, and this is going to hurt us immensely, but we will NOT do wrong by you, so PLEASE BE PATIENT AND UNDERSTANDING when dealing with our teams on emails and phone calls. For many of our casual staff and instructors they are now facing a potential income crisis. These amazing people are everything to us, and we will be working hard with our team to ensure their mental health and financial situation are cared for.

We will respond to everyone, it will just take time.

More info will be provided as it comes to hand.

Thankyou, much love and support from us. Remember to be kind always.