As we all know, these are unprecedented times, Covid-19 has affected us all in a way that none of us expected, and unfortunately it is out of anyoneโ€™s control.
It an everchanging landscape and information is being made available as each government department and professional bodies work out how to deal with this.

World Gym wants to offer as much information and support to all of you through these difficult and understands how tough this is for many of you.
We have created this page to give you information, which we will update as information becomes available.

Employees have been stood down for the moment, we have no idea how long this will be for but due to our clubs being forced to lose we have no work for anyone.

Permanent Employees

  • You are still employed.
  • You will be paid any outstanding annual leave in your normal pay cycle until it runs out and then will move to unpaid leave.
  • If you get another job or decide you do not want to return when business resumes you can terminate your employment at any time.
  • When business resumes you will return to your job, this may look a little different in the short term depending on how quickly the business restores to normal business activity.

Casual Employees

  • You are still employed.
  • You are an hourly employee and are paid a higher hourly rate which is inclusive of leave.
  • You will be paid for the hours worked in your normal pay cycle.
  • When business resumes you may be offered a role depending on how quickly the business restores to normal business activity.


  • You are not employees so need to look at what your business is insured for and any other government incentives available.

The federal government has put an assistance package in place to help people through this crisis.

Sign into your My Gov account for further information
You will need to contact Centrelink to determine what you are entitled to
You do not need a separation certificate
At this time you are still currently employed

Useful Links
Job Keeper Fact sheet info for Employees(PDF)



Health Alerts

Services Australia

Accessing Centrelink payments during Caronavirus

If you are finding it difficult during this time please contact
Lifeline 131114

Beyond Blue 1300 224 636